Xiaomi AR glasses are here: ordinary glasses shape, magnetic disassembly

July 22 news, the Sky Eye App shows that recently, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. applied for the "magnetic suction AR glasses" was authorized.

The abstract shows that the glasses include a frame, a first mirror leg and a second mirror leg, where the frame includes a first connection part and a second connection part, and the first mirror leg and the second mirror leg are provided with a magnetic suction member in the corresponding connection part, and are connected by the corresponding magnetic suction member.

From the picture, Xiaomi magnetic AR glasses are very similar to the shape of ordinary glasses, but the magnetic AR glasses have the advantages of detachable, easy to carry and convenient and stable installation.

It is worth mentioning that, according to digital blogger @digitalchatstation, OPPO and Huawei have made smart glasses before, and OPPO called it the third screen of intelligent interaction. Now Xiaomi and Vivo are also in the test, the former's AR glasses progress faster.

In November last year, the person in charge of Xiaomi said in response to the company's layout of the meta-universe that Xiaomi is concerned about the opportunities around the meta-universe and has made a lot of relevant technical reserves, and has made relevant investments in cell phones, video, display and other aspects, and has made relevant preparations.

It is not clear whether the layout of Xiaomi AR glasses is related to the meta-universe, it is worth looking forward to.

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