Intel Arc A770 flagship graphics debut: power consumption unlocked 285W

Hardware peer Linus Tech Tips was fortunate enough to get the Intel Arc A770 flagship graphics card and had Intel Fellow Tom Peterson to show off the new card together, as well as test and overclock it.

This card should be a public version of Intel's design, the overall is very plain, the edges are relatively rounded, the front dual fans, comes with RGB lighting effects.

Tom Peterson began by explaining the optimization and positioning strategy for Intel Arc graphics cards, which is divided into three levels.

The first level is the latest and most popular DX12 games with the most optimized support for stable, high-performance operation on Arc graphics cards, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Control, and Fortnite.

Tom Peterson claims that at this level, Arc graphics cards will offer unbeatable price/performance ratio (kill everyone in price to performance).

The second level is DX12, Vulkan games that can run on Arc graphics cards but are not yet fully optimized.

The third level is the games that are basically not optimized for Arc graphics cards, mainly DX11.

Tomb Raider, for example, is able to run 80FPS in DX12 mode, and only 39FPS in DX11, an exponential difference (but it's not clear what the specific settings are).

But on the Steam platform, DX11 games are actually still mainstream, especially the most popular ones.

Interestingly, AMD has also recently made a driver update specifically for DX11 games, which can bring up to 30% performance improvement.

The display also used Cyberpunk 2077 for overclocking, no specific results were announced, but some information can be seen from the Arc control panel, such as the default core frequency is as high as 2.5GHz and the default power consumption is 190W, which can be unlocked to a maximum of 285W when overclocked.

But driver support for the Arc A770 is not yet in place, and much of the information is not properly displayed, nor can we see the specific specifications.

Intel has previously made it clear that the Arc A series graphics cards are not rumored to be the Arc A780, the highest flagship is the Arc A770.

From the current information, Arc A770 will use the complete AGM-G10 core, integrated 32 Xe cores, equivalent to 4096 stream processors, with 256-bit 16GB GDDR6 memory, performance is expected and RTX 3070 the same grade.

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