Google released the open source development language Carbon: claimed to replace the C

At the recent CppNorth developer conference, Google engineer Chandler Carruth announced a new open source development language called "Carbon", which he said would be the successor to C++.

Chandler Carruth said that Carbon has "bi-directional interoperability" with C++, which means that developers can use C++ directly in Carbon programs, which greatly improves the ease of project migration.

As you can see from Carbon's GitHub page, Google developed the language with the core goal of replacing C++, and it has a lot of features that are compatible with C++.

Carbon code examples

In the file of Carbon, the Carbon team mentioned that although C++ is still the dominant language and has a large code base, it is extremely difficult to continuously improve C++ due to decades of technology accumulation.

Carbon, on the other hand, is young enough to inherit the existing features and ecology of C++, and "modern enough" to have a broader optimization space and more potential.

At the same time, the Carbon team also said that all the code of the project will be publicly hosted on GitHub and open to PR, which makes it possible for any developer to optimize and improve the Carbon language according to their own needs.

At this stage, Carbon is still too far away from succeeding or even replacing C++, but as a new development language, it is bound to bring a new development ecosystem and new technologies.

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