Win11 pushes Beta 22622.436 update: Microsoft’s version of “overhead delivery” is here

Today, Win11 pushed out update 22622.436 for Beta users, which brings a new feature similar to Apple's "AirDrop" along with the usual bug fixes.

With this update, Win11 adds a new nearby sharing feature, which allows users to directly use this feature to send files to other PC devices in the same network environment.

This feature solves the previous problem of transferring files between different Windows devices without relying on third-party programs, only using Bluetooth, or physical media such as USB drives.

However, compared with Apple's over-the-air drop, Win11's nearby sharing currently has some limitations.

On the one hand, nearby sharing only supports devices in the same network environment, while overhead delivery does not require it, as long as the two devices are close to each other, they can share files.

On the other hand, with Apple's powerful ecosystem, drop shipping can be used to transfer files between Macs, iPhones and iPads, making it more widely available.

Of course, as a feature that is still in the testing stage, the effect of nearby sharing is already good, and it can really improve the efficiency of office collaboration.

In addition to the new Nearby Sharing feature, this update also fixes a number of issues that previously existed in File Manager.

Author: King
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