RTX 4090 Ti graphics card performance doubled: the horror of 600W power consumption

Recently there has been another wave of RTX 40 graphics card news, and focused on the flagship RTX 4090 Ti, performance data leaked more, also seems to be more accurate, detailed game tests are out, compared to RTX 3090 Ti doubled is not a dream.

The game "Control" team personnel yesterday leaked the RTX 4090 Ti graphics card run scores, in Ultra quality, RT light chase and DLSS-Q mode, RTX 4090 Ti graphics card can run up to 160fps.

Yesterday's comparison was with the RTX 3090 graphics card, with a performance of 72fps, while the RTX 3090 Ti was 80fps, exactly double the performance.

What is the concept of doubling the GPU performance compared to the previous generation? This decade of upgrades have not seen such a large increase, can improve 50% is very good.

Yesterday's news did not mention a key point - power consumption, 3DCenter website gives the results of 600 + W, that is, more than 600W, this power consumption is not the first time, there are even higher 800W, 900W and other claims, but those are too exaggerated, 600W credibility is still relatively high After all, this happens to be the upper limit of power consumption for graphics cards in PCIe 5.0 graphics cards and ATX 3.0 power supplies.

Specifications, RTX 4090 Ti is also a full-blooded AD102 core, with 144 SM units, that is, 18,432 CUDA cores, with 384-bit bit width, memory capacity of 24GB.

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