Nubia officially released Z40S Pro: 0.95mm narrow edge + 5000mAh battery

The Nubia Z40S Pro phone was officially unveiled. At a time when many flagships are getting thicker and heavier, this phone focuses on thin and light narrow edges, with a screen-to-body ratio of 94.8% and a 5000mAh battery stuffed into an 8.05mm thickness.

According to the official introduction, the Nubia Z40S Pro is equipped with a 6.67-inch flexible straight screen with an aircraft aluminum straight edge metal center frame on the side.

The new machine transplants the BP frame to the back of the phone, making the phone visually thin while the warm touch of the BP material greatly enhances the comfort of hand grip. Combined with the industry's latest extremely narrow edge assembly technology, the left and right edges are finally controlled to only 0.95mm.

In addition to ultra-narrow bezels, the Nubia Z40S Pro phone is also thin and light enough to almost redesign the way the internal devices are stacked, using a high-density 3D stacking design that utilizes the internal space to the extreme, ultimately compressing the thickness of the phone to just 8.05mm, an ultra-thin 5000mAh flagship that is considered the thinnest 5000mAh straight screen flagship in the industry.

In addition, a sliding key has been added to the phone, which not only allows one-touch mute, but also quick start of camera and quick start of game space, making the design go further and the experience go further.

Author: King
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