Microsoft Store allows open source apps to charge again

Last month, Microsoft changed its Microsoft Store policy to prohibit developers from selling paid open source apps. Although the rule was originally intended to reduce the number of shell software scams, it was opposed by many developers who had been careful to comply with the rules.

After receiving numerous complaints and feedback from developers, Microsoft reversed the previous rule in its latest Microsoft Store Policy, allowing open source apps to pay again.

However, Microsoft still has some rules for app payments to prevent fraudulent low-quality paid apps from flooding the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft requires developers to prove their product has unique value if they want to charge for open source software, and provides a compelling reason to do so.

At the same time, Microsoft warns that you should not try to deceive users or systems, and that Microsoft will not allow any form of fraud that directly affects developers.

Giorgio Sardo, general manager of the Microsoft Store, acknowledged that there are plenty of good paid open source apps out there, and said that if users come across a fake app and try to charge for it, they can report it.

Author: King
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