Nothing Phone 1 Quality control overturned: LED lights off

The Nothing Phone 1, a brand new Phone for 2022, has garnered far more attention than expected with its unique ID design. For example, the LED light strip on the back, the four sides of the front are equally wide, and the Nothing Phone 1 costs less than 3,000 yuan (32,999 Rupees in India). These features are a clean stream at the same price.

Recently, however, one of the first phones to lose everything rolled over due to quality problems.

An overseas blogger posted a photo of Nothing Phone 1 on social media today, showing the LED light on the back of the device falling off. As you can see below, the Nothing Phone 1 has a lot of light bars embedded in the back, and one light bar near the camera has clearly fallen off. Although the function is normal, it is inevitable to worry about the failure of subsequent use.

This is not the first time the Nothing Phone 1 has rolled over. It comes after users reported on social media that their Nothing Phone 1 had a broken dot or 'gourd screen' problem near the front opening. Some users even reported that the bottom half of their Nothing Phone 1 screen was green in low brightness.

Many users want the government to recycle a large number of these machines, re-examine their quality, weed out substandard products and optimize their components.

Author: King
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