The first OpenHarmony 3.1 financial device was launched

In addition to the Hongmeng system promoted by Huawei itself, they also opened the Harmony system to atomic Open Source Foundation and launched open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony. Zhengtong Electronics confirmed that the company has developed the first financial equipment based on open source OpenHarmony 3.1, supporting the ability to pay in all scenarios.

In 2021, The company joined the Open Atom Open Source Foundation as a silver donor, and officially became a member of the OpenHarmony project group, the company said on the interactive platform.

Currently, the company serves as a member of the OpenHarmony Ecology Committee and vice Chair of the Financial Payments Committee. The company has completed prototype adaptation in the field of large-screen financial service terminal, and launched the first financial service terminal ZT8669 prototype based on OpenHarmony3.1.

This product is the current market leader in terms of technology and scene support, innovation integrates the whole scene ability to pay (bank card and passbook, sweep the yard, brush a face, digital currency, etc.), has realized the payment + industry business development innovation, adopting modular integration technology, the support of different sectors to configure different interaction components (such as social security card, gas card, charge card of card reader).

After news, huawei has twice in 2020 and 2021 points to the intelligent terminal operating system ability all donated to the foundation of open atoms open source foundation, by the open atoms open source foundation, integrating the contribution of other participants, form OpenHarmony open source project (the Chinese name of this project is open source foundation by the open atoms) in the application for registration, Huawei will continue to participate in the OpenHarmony open source project.

Interested and needy organizations and individuals from all over the world can participate in the project on an equal footing, so as to achieve extensive consultation, joint contribution, shared benefits and win-win outcomes.

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