MacBook Air M2 overturned! The SSD of the same Pro model slows down

Late last month, users tested the 256GB MacBook Pro with significantly lower SSD read/write speeds than the previous model.

The problem is that Apple has only one NAND flash memory chip in the entry-level MacBook Pro, which is about 50 per cent slower in reading and 30 per cent slower in writing than its predecessor.

Recently, a customer disassembled a MacBook Air with the M2 chip and found the same problem in the 256GB entry-level model.

As you can see from the new MacBook Air's motherboard, the machine comes with just one NAND memory chip, with an empty NAND spot (red box) next to it.

This means that the entry-level MacBook Air will also have read/write slowdowns due to NAND chip shrinkage.

For a flagship model that costs 9,499 yuan as an entry-level model, apple's moves on the MacBook Air will no doubt upset consumers, but there has been no official response.

Author: King
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