Some iPhone 14 models may lose the SIM card slot

According to Macrumors, Emma Mohr-mcclune, director of technology services at GlobalData, some iPhone 14 models will get rid of the physical SIM card slot. It's probably only a matter of time before Apple ditches physical SIM cards.

Jeff Howard, vice president of mobile devices and accessories at AT&T, said eSIM is the result of evolution and a better experience for customers.

As more and more people adopt eSIM over time, Apple will wait until the time is right to release an ESIM-only phone.

The so-called eSIM, namely Embedded SIM card, English full name embedded-SIM. The removable metal card is turned into a virtual SIM card, which is embedded directly into the device chip and provides identity proof for each terminal device to access the operator's network.

In 2011, Apple filed a patent for eSIM, which saves more space on the phone and allows you to pack a larger battery or other components.

However, eSIM also has some disadvantages, such as the user to change the phone number/phone card is very troublesome, need to go to the business hall or use another phone to scan the code and other operations to change, not as convenient as SIM card.

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