Honor MagicBook 14 ryzen edition will be released on July 21

On May 16th this year, the first new Honor notebook under the new strategy of Honor PC -- the new Honor MagicBook 14 officially debuted.

The first honor OS Turbo technology, achieve 20 hours of long battery life, support 70W double roast strong performance, standard 75Wh large battery, upgrade cross-device cross-brand replacement clone...... This "all-round small steel gun" on the market has achieved good results. Since its opening, the favorable rating rate of e-commerce platforms has reached more than 97%, far exceeding the 92-93% favorable rating rate of most products in the industry.

Two months later, Honor has finally brought OS Turbo to AMD!

On July 15, Honor officially announced that Honor MagicBook 14 Dragon edition will be released on July 21. This means that Honor's self-developed OS Turbo technology is another breakthrough in the PC field, covering the AMD chip platform for the first time, and realizing the adaptation from Intel to AMD ryzen edition.

What is OS Turbo? In simple terms, the OS Turbo is glory from the research of the system level performance & optimization engine, power consumption is glory in depth understanding of chip technology, the underlying system, the application and the drive, the BIOS firmware, on the basis of related technologies, such as through hardware and software collaborative ability into the PC firmware layer, system layer and application layer, by superimposing the core algorithm of glory and power. Combined with Magic Live intelligent engine intelligent identification of user scenes, more efficient and intelligent release of hardware efficiency.

With this capability, Honor notebook can achieve system-level tuning through OS Turbo technology. Based on this system-level tuning capability, OS Turbo can bring users the same experience with better performance and lower power consumption. Moreover, the closer it is to the user's actual usage scenario, the greater the benefits of battery life and performance.

Until now, the most obvious benefits of Honor MagicBook 14, the first laptop to run on OS Turbo, have been reduced power consumption and increased battery life.

In the measurement process of copying machine, the power consumption of single-roasted CPU is stable at 50W and the temperature of I5-12500h is 76 ° C for 13 minutes. The core power consumption of single-roasted GPU is stable at 60W and the temperature is 78 ° C for nearly half an hour. Double baking ran for 1 hour, i5-12500H power consumption 27W, temperature is 80 degrees, RTX 2050 power consumption 45W, temperature is 76 degrees. The total power consumption of CPU and GPU reaches 70W, but the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees. The performance is really strong and the heat dissipation is quite in place.

In terms of battery life, the battery life of PCMark 10 in modern office scenarios is measured to reach 13 hours, while the battery life of ordinary Intel Core Laptop in the same scenario is only 3-4 hours. This performance even exceeds many of the main battery life of the high-end alone light.

There is no doubt that the arrival of the new Honor MagicBook 14 ryzen edition means that OS Turbo will continue to play its powerful performance and power optimization capabilities in AMD platform, allowing honor notebook to continue its super performance, super long life high-energy features, while creating more possibilities for the ultimate PC experience.

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