The model suggests the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a pill-shaped perforated screen

Photos of a mock-up of the iPhone 14 have been circulating on the Internet, and judging from the bump on the rear panel, the model should reflect the iPhone 14 Pro Max. After seeing the rear cover designs of four models last week, Wang tengxiao shared two mocked-up cases of what appeared to be the iPhone 14 Pro Max on his Weibo account.

Interestingly, there are two split/pill-shaped holes above the front screen -- presumably the wider is the Face ID module (with infrared camera and dot matrix projection), and possibly the FaceTime forward camera with improved autofocus.

If the Revelations are correct, this year's iPhone 14 starter/Pro model gap could be wider than ever. In addition to the telephoto lens, Apple may only ship the iPhone 14 "Pro" line with a 48-MP main camera plus an upgraded A16 Bionic chip.

In addition, analysts predict that the other two iPhone 14 models will use the 12MP rearview + A15 Bionic chip without replacing it with a new pill-based sensor.

According to analysts, the Vanilla model will stick with a 12MP rear camera and A15 chip. As for the 120Hz High-brush Pro-Motion, there's still some controversy.

But after the iPhone 14, the 'pill hole' is said to be coming to the regular iPhone 15, and Apple is expected to start tweaking the hardware hidden beneath the screen as early as 2024.

Author: King
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