Windows 12 May be on its way

The latest Revelations, shared by WinCentral's Zac Bowden, show that Microsoft is preparing to change the pace of Windows iterations.

The first change is that Win11 23H2 (Sun Valley 3) seems to have been canceled. The second change is that we will see the next operating system as soon as 2024, which has been referred to as "Windows 12" by many media outlets.

Instead of the year-by-year rhythm of Windows 11, Microsoft is planning to roll out new features more intensively, up to four times a year, called "Moments".

In fact, the Windows 11 preview has been advanced to Build 25158 as of press time, and Microsoft plans to implement as many of the Windows 11 features in the Insider test as possible before the official release of Windows 12.

Microsoft may seem a bit fast, but this is a throwback to Vista/7/8, which came out three years ago (2006, 2009 and 2012 respectively) and has changed a lot each time. It seems that Microsoft should greatly mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the Windows engineering team.

In addition, there is a point of view that "Win12" rushed in 2024 release there is a benefit, is to mobilize Win10 users to upgrade, after all, the latter in 2025 will stop updating.

Author: King
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