Microsoft will support Windows 7 until 2026: add money

As one of Microsoft's most popular systems, Win7 has been "dead" since early 2020 - mainstream and extended support is over, except for enterprise upgrades via ESU, which originally lasted until 2023, but now Win7 has been renewed and will be available until 2026.

July 12 is Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. In addition to Win11 and Win10, Win7 also has two patch updates, KB5015861 / KB5015862, the former is a monthly update and the latter is a security patch update.

However, in these patches, some users found that Microsoft extended the ESU key and added the 4th, 5th and 6th years, so that the longest ESU update plan has 6 years and can be used until 2026, which is three more years than the original 2023.

This is a good thing for enterprise users, the original system running Win7 in can still be used for a few more years, do not have to worry about upgrading.

Of course, for individual users this plan is of little significance, ESU update program is a paid purchase, the annual price of up to 200 euros, the money is enough to buy a new system, only enterprise users will spend money to buy Microsoft's patch updates.

Author: King
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