The new version of iOS 16 is out: performance is down

Apple has released the iOS 16.0 Beta 3 Update, which officially fixes some bugs and optimizes performance.

Today, digital blogger @ibeta released the results of running and battery life tests of the system, and the results were not quite as expected.

After six hours of Geekbench 4 running, the iPhone 13 with iOS 16.0 Beta 3 Update had 74% battery remaining and a 5,651 running time.

As a reference, the iPhone 13 with iOS 16.0 Beta 3 had 76% battery remaining and a 5,785 running time.

In other words, while the new version does fix bugs in the previous system, there is a certain decrease in performance and battery life.

While the differences between the two versions are small and the run-scoring tests are not representative of the actual experience, they are mostly regrettable.

Author: King
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