Edge overtakes Chrome as enterprise’s top choice

When it comes to the browser market, there is an almost insurmountable "monster" : Google Chrome.

Chrome not only dominates the market share of other browsers, but has been the preferred product in the enterprise market for a long time.

But Microsoft's Edge recently beat Chrome as the browser of choice for businesses, with 37.77 percent of the time, according to a survey conducted in collaboration with Perimeter 81 and TechRadar Pro.

That's a surprising feat in the enterprise market, compared to Edge's 10.12 percent market share as of June.

To be fair, though, Edge's ability to beat Chrome in the enterprise market is not entirely inexplicable.

First, Edge is the default browser built into Windows, and that alone gives it a significant first-mover advantage, making Edge, which doesn't require a manual download, a better choice if the features aren't much different.

Second, Microsoft is now trying to integrate a series of small tools, such as calculators, dictionaries, translation, image editing and so on, into Edge. For employees, this means that one Edge can replace many of the functions of software tools, more convenient.

It's important to note, though, that while Edge is doing well in the enterprise market, Chrome's overall market share is still prohibitively large, and it's likely to remain unchallenged anytime soon.

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