Xiaomi new high-end flagship exposure: 4800mAh+120W flash charger

Today, blogger @digitalChatstation exposed the parameters of xiaomi's new high-end flagship: 4800mAh battery, 120W wired flash charge, 50W wireless flash charge.

The new high-end flagship is 60mAh less than the 12S Ultra, but it comes with 120W super flash charge (the Mi 12S Ultra supports 67W wired flash charge), which will charge faster than the Mi 12S Ultra.

The exact model of the high-end flagship is still unknown, possibly the MIX FOLD 2 or the Mi 13 series. From the quick charge specifications, it is more likely to be mi 13 series.

Considering that this is a high-end flagship and is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ or A Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, there's no question about performance.

Currently, Snapdragon 8+ has been in mass production and commercial use. It adopts the "1+3+4" eight-core architecture design, and the ultra-large core Is Cortex X2, with the highest frequency of 3.2GHz. The comprehensive score of Antutu has exceeded 1.1 million.

However, the second generation of Snapdragon 8 adopts the new eight-core architecture design of "1+2+2+3". Compared with the "1+3+4" architecture of Snapdragon 8+, the former has one more large core and one less small core.

In addition, qualcomm's second generation Of Snapdragon 8 has been upgraded to both the supercore and the core, with the supercore being upgraded to the ARM Cortex X3, two larger cores being upgraded to the Cortex A720, and two larger cores being the Cortex A710 with the Adreno 740 GPU.

According to @digitchat, qualcomm's snapdragon 8 will be released as soon as November.

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