Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 upgrade the new SDK

Earlier, Huawei began to release the developer Beta version of HarmonyOS 3.0, which has made some improvements in UI and functionality to improve the user experience.

In addition to these users can intuitively feel the optimization, HarmonyOS 3.0 in the system has also been upgraded.

HarmonyOS Developer, huawei's official account HarmonyOS Developer, announced today that in the new Version, the compatible SDK API has been upgraded to Version 8, significantly enhancing the JS/eTS application development capability.

The upgraded SDK further improves its ArkUI and ArkCompiler capabilities, enabling the JS/eTS language to support complex interface rendering, which increases the startup speed of JS applications by around 50%.

It is worth mentioning that based on the new SDK, the official released 6 samples for different scenarios, including common scenarios such as clock, international information setting, shopping, chat, application information display and games.

The above Sample explains the core mechanism and functions of the TS extension-based declarative development paradigm for developers to learn the features and usage of the new interface.

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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