The first MacBook Pros with Touch Bar are outdated

When it comes to the classic design of apple MacBook Pros, the "Touch Bar" is a topic that cannot be omitted.

In 2016, Apple completely redesigned the MacBook Pro with a thinner body, a larger trackpad, a butterfly keyboard and a Touch Bar.

In appearance, the Touch Bar is a Touch screen on top of the C-side keyboard on the MacBook Pro. Users can directly tap to use fixed brightness, volume, Siri and other functions, customize the function ICONS in the Touch Bar, or view input associative suggestions.

However, this seemingly unique feature became the target of much criticism when it was first introduced, along with the complex and malfunctioning butterfly keyboard.

On the 2016 MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar suffers from obvious operation delay and lag, not to mention the heat dissipation structure. The temperature in the area where the Touch Bar is located remains high for a long time, which greatly affects the user experience.

Problems such as lag and delay of Touch Bar have been solved after MacBook abandoned Intel and fully switched to M series chips. Touch Bar can still be seen on the 2022 MacBook Pro equipped with M2 chip, but the previous problems no longer exist.

Unfortunately, the Touch Bar is no longer available on Mac products other than the MacBook Pro, and the 2016 MacBook Pro that first introduced the Touch Bar has been added to the list of outdated products today, which makes us feel that another classic design has been gradually abandoned.

Author: King
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