SONY has released the X series Bluetooth speakers

Today, SONY China officially launched the X series bluetooth speakers, including the SrS-XE200, SRS-XE300 and THE SRS-XG300 for party speakers.

Among them, SRS-XE200 and SRS-XE300 are equipped with SONY's specially developed linear sound diffuser, which enables the sound to be fully and powerfully spread to a wider range. When listening from different angles in front and side of the speaker, users can easily enjoy the delicate sound details and broad sound field.

The SRS-XG300, which features a party scene, uses the MEGA BASS technology that makes the BASS SOUND stronger and the LIVE SOUND technology that makes the SOUND more on-site. It also comes with a party environment light effect, making it a next-generation party gadget.

All three speakers are equipped with X-Balanced space speakers developed by SONY. Compared to traditional speaker units, x-Balanced space speakers create stronger sound pressure, lower distortion, wider sound field, and clear and on-the-scene sound quality, making the listening experience more delicate and pleasant.

In addition, X series speakers support stereo mode and wireless series function, can support up to 100 *3 wireless series, still can bring excellent results in large venues.

SONY's SRS-XE200 and SRS-XE300 series will be available July 13, and the SRS-XG300 will be available July 20.

Author: King
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