Intel the 14 Generation Core Core first 3nm process

According to Intel CEO Kissinger last year announced the IDM 2.0 strategy, in addition to major investments in their own fabs, the company will also actively use the power of the foundry, the roadmap has appeared on the N3 process information, it is clear that the cooperation with TSMC.

According to the latest news, Intel CEO Kissinger may visit TSMC again in August, although the specific content of the talks will not be announced, but 3nm chip foundry will obviously be the focus.

From the end of last year to now, Intel CEO Kissinger has twice visited TSMC, so intensive bye means that the two sides of the cooperation is very strong, previously rumored that Intel will get the same treatment as Apple this time, the first 3nm in addition to Apple is Intel, after all, the two are well-funded giant, the demand is also large, than Qualcomm, NVIDIA and AMD treatment is also higher Normal.

Intel's first TSMC 3nm process products are likely to be next year's 14 generation Core Meteor Lake, this generation of processors will use a small chip (Intel's official term called core grain) design, CPU module should be Intel 4 process, GPU unit may be outsourced, based on TSMC 3nm process.

Previously in charge of the GPU business, Intel executive Raja Koduri revealed that the architecture of the Meteor Lake processor is very exciting and capable of delivering solo-level performance with the energy efficiency of a set display.

Although Raja did not specify what level of solo performance, but considering Intel's Xe architecture and ARC graphics, Meteor Lake's GPU performance is clearly not weak and can surpass a minimum of $1,000 solo graphics.

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