The 47mm Apple Watch leaked

According to display analyst Ross Young, Apple has added a 47mm larger version of the Apple Watch Series 8 currently under development.

The first three generations of the Apple Watch were 38mm and 42mm in size, and the seventh generation is 41mm and 45mm bigger.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be about 5% bigger than the seventh generation, to an unprecedented 47mm, which means Apple is using a larger display in a thinner case, or increasing the case size in proportion to the display size.

It's rumored that the Apple Watch will have a large 2.2-inch display on a 47mm case, and Young thinks it's possible to get a 1.99-inch display.

In terms of core specs, it has been revealed that the Apple Watch Series 8 will use the S8 processor chip, which has been used in the Apple Watch for two years. The appearance of the new product will also have a big change, will adopt a new straight screen + rectangular border design.

Apple insider Mark Gurman also believes the next Apple Watch will have a new sensor and a temperature sensor.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 14 in September and is likely to come in three sizes, with a stronger case and more health features.

Author: King
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