OPPO Find N2 product form first exposure: to complement the shortcomings

With the development of folding screen technology, there are more and more mobile phones with various folding forms, from the traditional horizontal inner folding and outer folding to the main small vertical inner folding, and the price is more and more civilian. Today, digital blogger @DigitalChat revealed OPPO's new phone, the OPPO Find N2, with a horizontal folding screen. It's an iteration of the OPPO Find N, which promises to fill in the gaps, keep the screen size small, and have a better weight.

The previous generation of OPPO Find N is powered by snapdragon 888 processing platform. It has a 7.1-inch foldable inner screen with a resolution of 1792 x 1920, supports 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and has a built-in 4500mAh battery. The price starts at 7,699 yuan.

In addition, with the support of sewing-shaped hinge, OPPO Find N has no obvious creases and flat screen surface under the unfolding state. This effect has surpassed most of the folding screens on the market and can be called "the benchmark of folding screens".

The Find N was a hit after its launch last year, topping jd's foldable phone category from its launch in December 2021 to April this year.

Find N achieved such a good result, and its launch node selection has a lot to do with the market during the same period, there are almost no new listings of rival products. In addition the machine hinge technology and screen folding technology progress has no small power effect.

Whether the OPPO Find N2 can succeed again will depend on how it handles pricing, availability, and technology upgrades.

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