Samsung invested an additional 1.548 billion yuan to increase its FCBGA substrate capacity in South Korea and Vietnam

Samsung Electric (Semco) recently announced that it will increase investment in FCBGA packaging substrate production lines in South Korea and Vietnam. According to the press release, Samsung Electric will invest an additional 300 billion won (1.548 billion yuan) to expand the company's FCBGA substrate capacity in Vietnam and Busan and Sejong In South Korea.

Samsung Electric hopes to further consolidate its position as one of the world's top three IC substrate suppliers and plans to mass-produce high-end ABF substrates for server applications within this year, the company said. Chang Duckhyun, CEO of Samsung Electric, said, "In the future IT environment where ARTIFICIAL intelligence technologies such as robotics, metamaterials and autonomous driving are expanding, next-generation substrate technologies such as SoS (system on Substrate) will be a game changer."

In December 2021, Semco disclosed investments totaling $850 million to establish FCBGA production facilities and infrastructure for its production plant in Vietnam. The investment will be phased in until 2023.

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