The ancestral UI from Win 8 has finally been changed! Win11 new interface exposure

Microsoft has released the Windows 11Build 25151 Dev update for testers. In addition to numerous Bug fixes, the new version also comes with a new hidden feature.

From the picture below we can see that if you right-click in Win11 and choose "Open mode", and then select other applications, there will be a new look that is more consistent with the modern UI design of Win11.

The feature was actually exposed earlier this year, but Microsoft removed it from later versions.

In short, Windows 11 Build 25151 doesn't have any specific feature updates, but it's thought to be part of next year's 23H2 feature update. But the 23H2 is still in early development, so it doesn't bring any new features.

The last time Microsoft changed the look of the "Select Other Apps to open" dialog was in Windows 8, and now Microsoft has apparently changed it for Windows 11.

As you can see, the new Windows 11 dialogs already support both light and dark themes. If your PC theme is set to dark color, the Open Mode dialog box will automatically appear in dark color.

In addition, Microsoft has simplified the experience with one-click updates to default apps. Of course, this feature won't be rolled out to all users and will only be available on selected machines for now.

Author: King
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