Microsoft Android subsystem WSA push new version: UI logic look like Win11

Recently, Win11 Android subsystem WSA has received 2204.40000.20.0 version update, but has not yet announced the specific content,

According to the preview images released by the official, this update will adjust the UI logic of WSA, so that it is consistent with the overall operation logic of Win11.

After the upgrade, the WSA setting interface will be unified with the Win11 setting interface, and share a set of operation logic, reducing the user's learning cost.

Earlier this month, Microsoft pushed a major update to the WSA preview, upgrading the subsystem to Android 12.1; In addition to upgrading the kernel version to Android 12.1, Microsoft also added a number of new features to the update.

For example, in Windows notifications, the logic for displaying WSA messages has been optimized; Reduced flicker when App recovers from minimized state; And added support for Android NetworkLocationProvider.

Unfortunately, the WSA is still not available to all Windows 11 users, so it may take a while.

Author: King
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