Moto X30 Pro Features a gold 3-focal lens

The Snapdragon 8+ flagship war in July is about to kick off. As the biggest "king of the volume" in the mobile phone industry in these two years, MOTOROLA also officially announced its new phone this morning -- Moto X30 Pro.

Instead of announcing the core specs, however, the camera specs will be unveiled, with the so-called golden triple focal lens, which means that the new phone will be able to expand the video as the main feature beyond performance and price.

According to Chen Jin, this time, Moto X30 Pro will be the most classic portrait gold three focal segment - 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, the first convergence in the mobile phone, return to the origin of portrait photography beauty.

Officially, this time will create a high set portrait mode, detailed introduction is as follows:

85mm focal section "portrait eye" : it can be called the best focal section for close-up portrait shooting, which can create the oil-blurred effect of the separation of people and scenery. In addition, the obvious sense of vision compression, just like a dialogue with yourself, abandon the noise of the outside world, and bring you to meet the most authentic and most beautiful yourself.

50mm focal section "human eye" : known as "the essence of human optics", fully presents the charm of the standard perspective, the picture of the face is more three-dimensional, to a certain extent, and the environment can be fully interactive, just like a dialogue to break through the self and the world, take you to appreciate the nature of the most real extraordinary works.

"Humanistic eye" : always known for its outstanding humanistic perspective and sense of atmosphere, the perspective is closest to the scope of the picture that people's eyes can see, to accommodate the human fireworks, the subject and background of the picture complement each other, to achieve a balance in the composition, like a dialogue with life, leading you to appreciate all kinds of life.

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