AMD Zen3 thread ripper official price announcement: 64 core expensive outrageous!

AMD in March released a new version of the Ryzen Thread Ripper PRO 5000WX series based on the Zen3 architecture, but only for OEM professional workstations and exclusive to both brands.

Recently, AMD announced that thread Ripper PRO 5000WX series will be available to SI system integrators, retail market, including 64 core 128 thread 5995WX, 32 core 64 thread 5975WX, 24 core 48 thread 5965WX, but did not give the specific time, price.

Subsequently, some domestic vendors sneak onto the shelves, and the price is naturally very outrageous, ranging from 47,000 to 55,000 yuan for 5995WX, 24,000 to 29,000 yuan for 5975WX, and 17,000-20,000 yuan for 5965WX.

Now, Tom's Haredware has the official pricing for the Thread Ripper PRO 5000WX series, and it's only in US dollars, but it's a clue:

5995WX: $6,499

5975WX: $3,299

5965WX: $2,399

Compare the price of thread Ripper PRO 3000WX, 3000X series:

Also with 64 cores, 5995WX is 18.4% more expensive than 3995WX and 62.9% more expensive than 3990X.

Also 32 cores, 5975WX is 20.0% more expensive than 3975WX and 65.0% more expensive than 3970X.

Also 24 cores, 5965WX is 74.5% more expensive than 3960X.

The recommended selling price of 3995WX and 3975WX is 40079 yuan and 20079 yuan respectively. If the same increase of DOLLAR is used, 5995WX and 5975WX will reach 47,500 yuan and 24,100 yuan respectively!

Tom's Haredware is blunt about the price: The era of being an enthusiast is over...

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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