Apple M2 MacBook Pro SSD has been revealed to slow down significantly

Apple recently introduced a new MacBook Pro with the M2 processor, but some users found that the new MacBook Pro does not outperform the M1 in every metric.

In tests, the 256GB version of the new MacBook Pro had significantly lower SSD read/write speeds than its predecessor.

In tests, the new MacBook Pro's SSD read and write speeds were around 1450MB/s, compared with 2900MB/s and 2215MB/s for the 256GB version of the previous MacBook Pro.

That means the new MacBook Pro is about 50 per cent slower to read and 30 per cent slower to write on the entry model than its predecessor.

After taking it apart, users found that the new MacBook Pro entry model only had one NAND flash memory chip, compared with two in the previous model, which may have contributed to the speed difference.

It's worth noting that Apple doesn't say anything about this on the merchandise page, and if you opt for the premium 512GB version of the new MacBook Pro, you won't have any problems with SSD read/write speeds.

Author: King
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