Details of the second beta update to iOS 16 have been revealed

It's still early days, but Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 16. What are the improvements in this update?

Details put together by the developers suggest that Apple has added some new features, as well as improved performance across the system, fixing bugs and improving performance.

Apple has made the lock screen more personalized, adding two new color coverage instead of black and white. "Two-tone" and "wash color" have been added, and if you choose a photo as wallpaper, Apple now offers two-finger slide-cut photos to make them fit better on the screen.

In addition, in the Settings TAB, the wallpaper panel has added edit buttons to the main screen and lock screen wallpapers, so that users can see where they are editing the wallpaper, and of course you can swipe up to delete a lock screen theme.

In addition, iPhone and iPad users will be able to take backups over LTE networks instead of 5G and Wi-Fi networks. Apple added support for backing up devices over 5G networks in iOS 15 and LTE networks in iOS 16 Beta 2.

The developer can categorize SMS messages, for example, subclass transaction prompt SMS and promotional SMS, making it easier for users to manage SMS messages, and add the save to quick memo function after completing screen shots.

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