Indian style! iPhone 14 Pro new bronze color exposure

The iPhone 14 isn't out yet, but rumors about its appearance, both real and false, are already swirling, and apple will reveal the final answer in September.

Recently, a number of so-called designers have sent out concept art for the iPhone 14, which is basically based on current rumors, so it's good to have a look.

Now, the iPhone 14 Pro's concept color scheme has once again caught the attention of the Internet. It's a so-called bronze color scheme, which is more of a bright yellow color, so it still looks very lively.

Some netizens have said after see the picture, the color compared with the previous local tyrants gold color deeper color, texture seems very senior, if really out or will consider, at least, can let a person the first in the new, but there are also net friend says, this have what meaning, don't buy a card or shell done?

Author: King
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