Windows 11 22H2 ready registry shows signs

For Microsoft, Windows 11 22H2 is ready, and prior to that, Windows 11 Build 22621 has been pushed, which can be seen as an RTM candidate for the former.

According to Microsoft, the system requirements for Windows 11 22H2 have not changed, and while there is a possibility that solid-state drives will become mandatory hardware requirements in the future, the company is pushing Oems to adopt faster storage options for Windows 11.

Now users are digging into the Windows registry and finding hints of 22H2, such as Microsoft artificially blocking system compatibility and the ability to upgrade to Sun Valley 2 (SV2), apparently waiting for the right time.

Microsoft stressed that the 22H2 update must meet the minimum hardware requirements of Win11, otherwise it cannot be upgraded. This means that older computers that used PE or tools to bypass TPM 2.0 and CPU limitations may have to go back to clean installation.

It is widely believed that the official release of 22H2 will be released in September or October, but now it is up to Microsoft to announce when.

Author: King
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