PCIe 7.0 released: Speeds up to 512GB/s

Intel started to popularize PCIe 5.0 last year, following AMD's debut.

Although the PCIe 6.0 specification was only released earlier this year, the PCI SIG officially announced the development of PCIe 7.0 today and previews the core parameters.

Similarly, PCIe 7.0 doubles the bandwidth of PCIe 6.0 to 128GT/s, with x16 channels up to 512GB/s in both directions.

Even for the X2 /x4 channels that SSDS often use, the theoretical peak speeds are increased to 64GB/s and 128GB/s respectively, making the space of imagination infinite.

In terms of details, PCIe 7.0, like 6.0, uses the new PAM4 modulation, 1b/ 1B encoding. It is worth mentioning that PCIe 7.0 still maintains backward compatibility.

According to the PCI SIG, subsequent drafts will focus on optimizing channel parameters and improving energy efficiency levels.

The PCIe 7.0 standard is scheduled to be completed by 2025, and is not expected to be fully available until around 2028.

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