Microsoft has confirmed a problem with the latest Windows 10 update: Wi-Fi doesn’t work

Windows 10 users should not update yet, especially for June 2022, as Microsoft has confirmed that there is a problem.

The Cumulative update for Windows 10 for June 2022 is now available on all supported operating system versions, and this month's cumulative update has fixed several issues, including an error that prevented Microsoft Excel and Outlook from launching. Another bug that affected the Internet Explorer mode window has also been fixed.

While the list of fixes in Windows 10's June 2022 update (KB5014699) is quite long, as the company has fixed many of the issues, Microsoft has also issued a note of caution. According to the update's release notes, a bug in Windows 10's June 2022 update could break the operating system's Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

Users may not be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature after Windows 10's June 2022 update. This has been confirmed in the feedback Centre's report.

"After installing KB5014699, I had an issue with my Internet connection being reset every 5 minutes. This includes RDP sessions, SMB sessions, and sessions between Bridges and iot devices. "When I disable the bridge, the problem goes away because I need to work with iot devices," noted one of the affected users.

"Enabling Internet connection sharing damages network access on the computer sharing the connection. "Even sites that run on local hosts will never open and time out," another user noted.

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