Microsoft banned Russian users: official website banned from downloading Win11/10 system

According to Russian media reports, Microsoft recently suddenly blocked Russian users, from visiting the official website of Microsoft system download page will show a 404 error, Win10 and Win11 system can not download.

When users in Russia downloaded the official Windows 11 image, the site displayed a message saying "There is a problem with your request," and when they tried to download the tools used to install Windows 10 or 11, The site returns to a blank page and says "404 - File or directory not found."

Attempts by reporters to access both Russian cable networks and mobile Internet were restricted, while IP addresses in other countries were normal.

Microsoft has not commented on the issue and is not sure if it is a technical glitch or deliberate. In March, Microsoft said it would not end its Russian service.

However, Russian users can not download Win11 and Win10 system from Microsoft's official website, the actual impact is not big, there are a large number of system bypass address on the network.

Author: King
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