Open source software giant launches Euler Linux 2.0

In July last year, the global open source software giant SUSE announced to join the Domestic Open source community of openEuler, and jointly released the euler open source operating system distribution version of SUSE -- Asus Linux.

OpenEuler releases SUSE Euler Linux 2.0 today. The enterprise Linux operating system based on openEuler 22.03 LTS was built by a Chinese team.

SUSE Euler Linux 2.0 uses Intel's next-generation Sapphire Rapids chip, Huawei's Kunpeng 920 and Feiteng'S S2500 processors.

Key northbound applications and service scenarios for customers, including databases, containers, a large number of open source software, and industry applications.

On the network, SUSE Euler Linux 2.0 incorporates many TCP protocol performance optimizations, which can improve throughput by up to 10% in some scenarios. At the same time, the multi-path TCP protocol is used to further enhance the network concurrency and load balancing.

In addition, SUSE Euler Linux 2.0 introduces the Bcache block storage acceleration technology, which uses SOLID-state drives (SSDS) as the cache to solve the problem of slow reading and writing of small files on traditional HDDS.

AVX is an advanced vector extended instruction set of Intel processors. SUSE Euler Linux 2.0 uses these processors to accelerate the state secret algorithm, providing secure and reliable service processing capabilities while ensuring server performance.

Author: King
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