Shanghai Telecom opened the world’s first VoWiFi phone

Have you ever had such a bad reception at home that it was difficult to answer the phone?

Most of us have been in a similar situation, but now China Telecom's new technology is about to say goodbye.

According to "China telecom Shanghai company" the public, and recently in Shanghai telecom is now under the network environment, the end-to-end take roots ability of VoWiFi business First Call through, will effectively solve the residential areas such as voice, SMS, as a result of weak coverage problem, make 5 g mobile phone users in the home also can enjoy the whole business gigabit network experience.

Official introduction, high-rise, bustling city, mobile communication has always been a hot area, but from the perspective of network construction, the city surrounded by reinforced concrete is the difficulty of mobile network coverage.

This is especially true for 5G network construction. Due to the influence of multiple factors such as frequency band and station location, it is even more difficult to achieve in-depth coverage of 5G network in residential areas.

VoWiFi can effectively solve similar problems. In simple terms, VoWiFi is directly from the bottom so that users can make calls through the connected WiFi signal. That is to say, no matter how the mobile phone signal is, as long as there is WiFi, you can make a clear call.

Users can make calls and send and receive text messages through WiFi at home. At the same time, because this technology is realized by airlines through more in-depth technology, it is better than wechat and other network phone in terms of delay, clarity, stability and other aspects.

This will effectively solve the voice and SMS problems caused by weak coverage of residential areas.

Under the live network environment, the VoWiFi business that meets the requirements of national supervision marks that China Telecom VoWiFi has the conditions for trial commercial use. Next, it will promote the trial commercial use of the live network and finally officially launch.

It is reported that At present, China Telecom has promoted 8 terminals including Apple and 6 chip platforms to participate in the VoWiFi test and joint adjustment, looking forward to our early use of this technology.

Do you think VoWiFi works?

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