“4nm EUV” power cut by 40% Intel 14 Generation Core is expected to beat Apple M2

After the continuous use of Intel 7 process in the 12th and 13th generation of Core, Intel will also mass produce Intel 4 process in the second half of this year. This is the first EUV process of Intel, which is equivalent to TSMC "4nm EUV", not only improves performance by 21.5%, but also reduces power consumption by 40%. It's expected to make the x86 beat the APPLE M2 in energy efficiency.

Intel recently introduced Intel's "4nm EUV" process at the VLSI Conference, these two days the media revealed more material, HP high-performance library density up to 1.6 transistors /mm2, twice the current Intel 7 process, higher than TSMC's 5nm process of 130 million transistors /mm2, Close to TSMC's 3nm 208 million transistors per mm2.

Compared with The Intel 7 process, the frequency of the 4nm EUV process increases by 21.5% and the power consumption decreases by 40% at the same power consumption.

In addition, after switching to EUV lithography machine, "4nm EUV" process yield is also high, production and manufacturing is simpler, no multiple exposure, process steps reduced by 5%, the number of masks reduced by 20%, there is no need for multiple alignment, which improves productivity and reduces costs.

Overall, the energy efficiency of "4nm EUV" process will be improved more obviously, with the power consumption reduced by 40%. Some foreign media pointed out that this is enough to make the 14th generation of Core Meteor Lake processor with the first "4nm EUV" process beat M2, which is of great significance.

Although Apple's ARM processors are still inferior to x86 processors in terms of absolute performance, Apple's focus on performance under low power consumption has put x86 processors to shame in terms of energy efficiency, leading to great pressure from Intel. Now with the "4nm EUV" process, Intel is expected to make a comeback.

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