Unable to uninstall properly! Microsoft is pushing Bing wallpaper

Windows 10/ 11 users recently found themselves receiving a mysterious update called "Microsoft Bing Service 2.0".

As the name suggests, it is an update to Bing Service, the search engine component of Bing, to reverse news results from different countries and regions around the world based on the language, picture or video submitted by users.

However, after downloading the update, some users found that the patch would be updated and new files would be created, which contained several runnable programs.

When you run the BWCStartMSI. Exe program, the desktop wallpaper will be replaced with Bing wallpaper.

In other words, without warning, Microsoft inserted its Bing wallpaper service into all users' computers for subsequent updates or other applications.

Also, the update doesn't appear on the "Uninstall Updates" list, which means it can't be uninstalled in the normal way after the update, and it's pretty cumbersome once the update is cleared.

Author: King
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