Jidu concept car launch: the first digital man owner “Xijiajia” appearance

In the evening of June 8th, the first brand launch event of Jidu Automobile "ROBODAY" was held in Xirang, baidu's meta-universe platform, and the first vehicle robot concept vehicle robo-01 was officially released.

According to official sources, Jidu's car robots are based on three product concepts: "Free movement, natural communication and self-growth". The precise recognition of human-vehicle interaction and speech semantics enables "natural communication" between cars and people, understanding user emotions and responding to user needs in real time.

The car's interior and exterior design is very advanced. The headlights have intelligent language mode and support for custom display image, the front hatchcover is equipped with liftable concealed dual lidar, with electronic rearview mirrors, and the tail is equipped with "active lift tail" to actively use aerodynamics.

Even more cool, the car is equipped with four "scissor doors", with no B-pillar design, open dreamlike.

The interior is also unusual in that it uses a Steering wheel similar to that of an F1 car, which folds down to provide more seat space when the car is on autopilot.

The central console is equipped with an integrated, oversized 3D borderless display screen, which can fully display vehicle instrument information and meet entertainment and navigation needs. More radically, almost all physical buttons are eliminated inside the car.

The car robot has L4 level of autonomy, can move autonomously and communicate naturally with humans. Based on AI and big data technology, the "car robot" will be capable of continuous self-learning and evolution.

It is worth mentioning that in the Hyjang Meta-universe, the first digital human owner of Jido, "Xijiajia" drives a Robo-01 and interacts with a car robot.

As for the price of the car, Li said recently that Jidu auto's target market is the family car, the product is priced around 200,000 yuan, plans to open orders in the second half of this year, delivery in 2023.

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