Eu to mandate universal USB-C interface! Britain responded that it would not abide by the resolution

Two days ago, the European Union passed an interim resolution to make USB Type-C ports mandatory for all mobile phones, flat-panel cameras and other devices by autumn 2024.

According to @cnBeta, the government does not appear to be planning to comply with the EU requirement, with a UK government spokesperson saying: "We are not currently considering replicating this requirement."

Data shows that the UK decided to leave the EU by referendum in June 2016, and then formally completed the brexit on March 29, 2019, that is to say, the EU resolution is no longer in force.

However, it is Apple that is most affected by the mandatory unified interface, and this is the subject of much discussion these days.

Since the era of iPhone 5, Apple has been using Lightning port in a unique way. Even though the specifications supported by It, such as transmission and fast charging, have been completely behind Type-C, Apple still cannot afford to add MFI authorization fee every year.

After the unification, Apple will be the most hurt. After all, the eu market as a whole is relatively large. However, Apple will have to face many troubles in replacing Type-C, such as redesign of internal space and transmission protocol.

However, industry analysts believe Apple is prepared for the EU decision and may switch to USB Type-C in the 2023 iPhone 15, which is already in testing.

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