The Apple Music auto-install Bug in the bottom bar has finally been fixed

In early May, some iPhone users encountered a rather bizarre Bug. According to users' feedback at that time, after downloading Apple Music in the App Store, they found that the software was directly installed in the bottom bar, and even "occupied" the position of other apps in the bottom bar. In the demo, the app in the bottom bar was automatically replaced with Apple Music after downloading it, even for first-party apps like Safari.

In addition, the software replaced by the Bug has no regularity to follow, no matter third-party or first-party applications have been replaced.

Apple was quick to say it was aware of the issue and was investigating it.

However, it took nearly a month to analyze it.

In today's iOS 15.6 Beta 2 update, Apple finally fixed the Bug, and the Apple Music app icon will normally appear on the last page of the home screen, just like any other regular app.

While Apple did not disclose the cause of the problem, one developer noted that iOS has a file inside that is used to locate each app's default location on the home screen.

The Bug of Apple Music taking up other app locations is likely the result of this file being called by mistake.

Author: King
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