New details of iOS 16: major changes to the lock screen interface

As we get closer to iOS 16's release and more details start coming in, what are the biggest concerns?

Apple is planning a major overhaul of the lock screen in iOS 16, including wallpaper support for widgets and support for a steady on mode, according to new reports.

As for iPadOS 16, sources mention that there will be major changes to windowing and multitasking, possibly with Windows that can automatically move and resize. TvOS 16 will get more smart home related features.

In addition, messaging apps will have more social network-style features, especially for audio messaging.

The fitness app won't extend to iPadOS and macOS, but there will be plenty of new features for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

It is worth mentioning that some developers also revealed that iOS 16 apple will still choose the overall stability of the approach, so that the system to reduce bugs, at the same time more easy to use.

Author: King
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