Android 13 Beta 2.1 update released

Google has released the Android 13 Beta 2.1 update for Pixel phones. As evidenced by the release number, this update is a maintenance update to Beta 2, which was released two weeks ago, and fixes four issues reported by users and developers.

Android 13 Beta 2.1 has four major fixes, including

  • ● Fixed an issue where typing in the search bar resulted in a blank list of suggestions.
  • ● Fixed an issue where the device would crash and restart when opening a hotspot.
  • ● Fixed an issue where you could hear a continuous dialing sound in the background during a call.
  • ● Fixed an issue where the device would crash and restart after disconnecting from Android Auto.

In addition, the latest BETA version of TPBB.220414.018 is still running the May 2022 security patch. Those who are running Beta 2 can expect an OTA update in the coming hours. Download here:

● Pixel 6 Pro: Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 6: Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 5a: Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 5: Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 4a (5G): Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 4a: Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 4 XL: Factory Image — OTA

● Pixel 4: Factory Image — OTA

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