The iPhone 14 camera update: Auto focus

According to ET News, the iPhone 14 camera will be upgraded to include an autofocus lens and, for the first time, a lens made by South Korean company LG Innotek.

It is understood that apple chose sharp and LG Innotek to supply the front-facing camera for the iPhone14, rather than the Chinese manufacturer it had partnered with before. Apple originally planned to use LG's lens in the iPhone 15, but that seems to be ahead of schedule.

Apple is said to have made the change by reclassifying the front-facing camera as a "premium" component, which will cost almost three times as much on the new iPhone.

LG Innotek is preparing a front-facing camera for the iPhone 14 for mass production ahead of the iPhone 14's launch in September, the report said.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on social media that all four iPhone 14 models will have an autofocus front camera with an F /1.9 aperture

By contrast, the front-facing cameras on all iPhone 13 models have a fixed focus and a smaller ƒ/2.2 aperture.

If true, the iPhone 14's forward autofocus feature will enable better object tracking and depth of field in photos and videos, as well as better selfies.

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