Apple’s Mini LED display will launch in October

Production of Apple's displays has been delayed because of the pandemic, according to display industry analyst Ross Young. Apple plans to release a new 27-inch display with a Mini LED backlight in October.

Ross Young said on social media that Apple was considering moving its display supplier Quanta elsewhere, causing production delays. The new display, which was supposed to be unveiled at Apple's developer conference in June, has now been pushed back to October.

It is understood that the new 27-inch Mini LED Display may support variable refresh rates of up to 120Hz. Perhaps the Display is actually "Studio Display Pro", but it is unclear whether Apple will use that name.

Few other details about the screen are known. The Studio Display will start at 11,499 yuan. If Apple launches a 27-inch Mini LED display, it will be in that price range.

In addition, Ross Young correctly revealed that the sixth-generation iPad Mini will have an 8.3-inch display, while the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro will support Pro Motion. So the Revelations about Apple's display are also highly credible.

Author: King
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