Apple’s Final Cut Pro is too outdated by editors: official response

A month ago, a group of video editors wrote an open letter to Apple, accusing the company of being "too outdated" with Final Cut Pro.

Now, a month later, Apple has responded to the complaints with an open letter promising continuous improvements to Final Cut Pro and its professionalism.

In the letter, Apple said that customer creativity had always been important to it and that it was expanding workshops, adding new product training and establishing an expert advisory group to address those users' requests for important features.

Final Cut Pro, a video post-production software developed by Apple, dominated the film industry around 2000, but in 2011 apple overhauled the software and changed direction.

After the overhaul, Final Cut Pro became more functional for ordinary users. Many professional users complained that it could not be used for work, which eventually led to the abandonment of Final Cut Pro by the film industry.

As the editor noted in an open letter published in April, Final Cut Pro still lacks the ability to work with other software, making it difficult to integrate into the workflow of the Hollywood film industry.

At the same time, the previous change of direction made Final Cut Pro unpopular with producers and directors, making it impossible for editors to work with it.

Apple's public response may be an opportunity for a change, with the participation of the expert advisory group expected to make the subsequent development of Final Cut Pro more professional.

Author: King
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