Xiaomi Band sales exceeded 140 million units

Today, Xiaomi Group issued a statement that up to now, Xiaomi hand ring sales have accumulated to 140 million, which is a breakout category created by Xiaomi in the wearable field.

Information shows that Xiaomi hand ring is a wearable device launched by Xiaomi in 2014, when Xiaomi hand ring supports cell phone unlocking, sleep monitoring, alarm clock reminder, sports monitoring and other functions.

After many iterations, Xiaomi Band has now become one of the most important forms in the wearable field. It combines portability, low power consumption, real-time detection of core health indicators, ID identification control, and low entry threshold.

Xiaomi pointed out that the smart band is still the smart health device with the best comprehensive experience and comprehensive use cost. Smart bracelet wants to do everything in the square inch, its product definition, technology development, design and manufacturing is actually no less difficult than an ordinary smartphone.

Now Xiaomi Band 7 is about to be released, this new wearable device has a larger runway-type screen; supports a variety of sports modes; perfect NFC function, covering 300+ city bus cards and access control simulations; supports multi-platform adaptations to ensure the integrity and consistency of cross-platform use experience.

Zeng Xuezhong emphasized that Xiaomi Band 7 is the strongest Xiaomi Band ever. I highly recommend that those who have not yet experienced a smart health device experience it, and for those who are using an older smart health device also recommend upgrading to Xiaomi Band 7, you may be surprised to find that today's smart bracelets have been able to have such a comprehensive experience.

This new product will be released on May 24 in China.

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