Win11 KB5014019 preview version is here: automatically help you change wallpaper

Today, Microsoft pushed out version KB5014019 (22000.706) in the Win11 preview channel, which adds a new feature and fixes a lot of bugs.

In the new version, Win10 has optimized and extended the use of the Windows Spotlight feature that existed as far as Win10 is concerned, and it is now able to automatically set a new image as the desktop background in addition to the lock screen.

Generally speaking, Windows Spotlight images come from Bing Gallery and users can choose whether the image of the day meets their preferences, which can affect the type of images pushed subsequently.

However, on screens other than 16:9, the feature may crop the image, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in resolution and viewing.

In version KB5014019, Win11 also fixes a large number of bugs that previously appeared in TextInputHost.exe, searchindexer.exe, and other programs.

Several Group Policy related issues have also been resolved, and WDAC no longer affects scripts when the policy allows them to run.

In addition, several UI and resolution-related bugs have been fixed, and display issues no longer occur when widget icons are displayed, or when users set the DPI scaling above 100%.

Author: King
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